Alyssa Hull

Alyssa Hull, M.S.
Senior Spectroscopist

Alyssa Hull received her B.S. in Chemistry and her B.A. in Art Conservation from University of Delaware, graduating summa cum laude in 2014. She received a Fulbright Fellowship to study the materials and techniques of Edvard Munch at the Munchmuseet in Oslo in the academic year of 2015-2016. While at the Munchmuseet Alyssa analyzed over 150 of Edvard Munch’s original paint tubes using FT-IR/ATR, FT-Raman, XRF, and PLM. She also created a database of Munch’s materials from these results and from archival research about materials’ origin/production. She then carried out her M.S. research at Duke University’s Department of Chemistry resulting in a thesis on “Investigation of Ultramarine Pigment Excited State Dynamics by Pump-Probe Microscopy and Spectroscopy”. Alyssa continues to research artists’ materials and their degradation, and is active in the ongoing research on Edvard Munch’s c. 1910 version of The Scream. Her overall research program focuses on the investigation and preservation of the works of the early modernists.